I Could Keep Up With You

It may not be 2020 yet, but the Dames are already questioning who can beat Donald Trump in the Presidential Election. The Dames get fired up when discussing the future of young girls' futures.
One of our Dames starts this episode off with a personal story about being hit on in front of her husband - how she handled it, and how it made her feel.

Beating Trump - Woman or Man?
The Dames tackle a tough question, who can beat Donald Trump in the upcoming campaign trail of 2020? They discuss a few articles that pose the question of whether it is better to back someone who can beat Trump or who someone who would be the best president. The Dames also consider whether women voters will get behind a woman candidate after the failed presidential run of Hilary Clinton, and who will ultimately excite voters.

The Button! The Future of Young Girls’ Futures
Hold on tight, The Button! this week gets The Dames fired up. The women get heated when discussing if it is realistic in this day in age to tell girls that they can be anything they want to be. One of The Dames believes this is setting girls up for failure, while the other thinks that girls need to be encouraged to do what they want. However, they both come together and agree that girls need to be taught about how they can change the current sexism scene.

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