Beto O’Money & Conway Tweeting

Beto breaks the bank leading the Dames to discuss women having to prove themselves qualified to be president. An openly gay female superintendent has been at the center of some fireworks at the Grand Canyon and The Dames discuss #MeToo on Wall Street.
Beto Breaks a Record
The Dames kick this episode off with Beto and the record amount of money the middle-aged, white guy was able to raise in the first 24-hour period after he announced his run for the presidency. Kelly and Tracy know that anyone believes they can run for the presidency in this day in age, but how sexist is it that men raise the most money and get the best media attention? It seems women must prove themselves qualified to be president and men don’t.

The Button: Boys Club at the Grand Canyon
This week’s Button centers on an openly gay female superintendent who was appointed head of the park rangers at the Grand Canyon. You guessed it...the men she oversaw wanted her out and ultimately filed a complaint. Even though an investigation eventually cleared her, she ultimately resigned. You might be surprised by how Tracy and Kelly react.

#MeToo on Wall Street
On Wall Street, #MeToo is often overshadowed by he-said, she-said situations. The Dames explore the workplace consequences of consensual and forced sexual relations. How do previous relationships fit into that grey area and what happens when those relationships end?

George Conway's Tweets
Finally, the Dames offer their two cents on the Kellyanne Conway - George Conway - Donald Trump love/hate triangle. Kelly and Tracy agree that George should advocate for his Kellyanne’s success and not threaten to tear it down because he has issues with President Trump, and they offer an interesting theory about what might really be the purpose behind his tweets.

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