Male Ego In The Way

Happy New Year! This episode is full of discussions about "difficult" women in power, the first female Presidential candidate, a peaceful protest and a discussion on the male anatomy.
Welcome to 2019! New Year, same shit. The Dames dive into a story about why women in power are called “difficult”. They discuss the double standard women in power face compared their male counterparts, and agree that women should turn the situation into a positive rather than dwelling on it. 

Ready or not, the Presidential campaign season has begun. Kelly thinks it’s epic that Elizabeth Warren is the first candidate to get her campaign rolling. Tracy may not be too fond of her, but she can’t deny the awesomeness of the first candidate being a fierce woman.

The Button is back! The Dames wish they had some wine to cheers to a peaceful protest that took place in India. Shortly, after New Years, millions of women joined together to form a chain to protest the sexism and oppression of women in their country. The Dames discuss whether the “Me Too” movement will become a global movement for women?

A Keira Knightly quote has Kelly and Tracy talking about the male anatomy. An interesting discussion ensues out of the idea that penises are convenient. It leads the Dames to pose some questions and attempt to answer them; Why is a name given to masculine girls? Why are women told what it is to be female? Is men’s sexuality more understood than women's?

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