We Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Things get uncomfortable in this episode as the Dames are at odds over an article about female political consultants, however, the Dames are able to calm things down when they discuss men stepping up for women.
The Dames are feeling like Hollywood stars today! They’ve had full hair blowouts and have a shit-ton of make-up on for their video debut—all so the world can see a different side of them...but you’ll have to wait for that.

You know it is going to be a good show when Tracy starts by saying “this is going to be uncomfortable.”

The Dames are at odds over an article in Politico Magazine about what it’s like to be a female political consultant. Tracy argues against its anecdotal bias and “whiney” sound of the article, while Kelly’s stance is that it has to be anecdotal—it’s women’s stories, after all. Tracy gets sensitive (for a change) as the Dames discuss different aspects of the business that historically, has been primarily male-based. Is that fact based on sexism or a lack of women helping women? One thing our Dames agree on is the game needs to change!

Tying into the previous topic, Kelly introduces an article that Steph Curry wrote discussing how men and dads need to step up for women and join the fight for women’s equality. Kelly and Tracy discuss the gender roles in their households. They pose a strong question, how do we achieve diverse voices in this day and age?

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