Sex Strikes and New Guidelines

The call for a sex strike by Alyssa Milano has the Dames pondering the double standard between men and women when it comes to preventing pregnancy. The Button! sparks a conversation about women encountering adversity.

#SexStrike By Alyssa Milano
Episode #75 begins with Alyssa Milano calling for a sex strike due to the new abortion laws that are being implemented in some states. The Dames ponder whether Milano's call could hurt, rather than benefit, the feminist cause. It also leads to a discussion between The Dames about the double standard that comes with women's traditional responsibility for preventing pregnancy, and the choices that both sexes make.

The Button! Women Encountering Adversity
This week’s The Button! segment discusses the recently released American Psychological Association’s (APA) new guidelines “to help therapists who treat girls and women”. The Dames share the new guidelines, which sparks a conversation about traditional masculinity in men and expectations of childbirth and marriage that many women are left to work out for themselves.

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