66% Best Friends

In this episode, the Dames talk Bipartisian friendship and then there is some asshattery taking place in the Button!
It’s so cold in DC that Tracy almost wore a fur coat and there are toy polar bears climbing up a fake library wall in the studio building. Christmas has officially arrived in Washington.

Today the Dames are talking Bipartisan friendship. Is it something that can exist in this day and age, with the state of our politics? How can you make it work? Is it as simple as not being a douchebag?

Kelly springs a quiz on Tracy: Are they 33%, 66% or 99% close as best friends? The quiz also reveals a topic Tracy loves to talks about in explicit detail.

In The Button!, the Dames address answers to the question “Why do you need two laptops?”  Seemingly a simple question—until they reveal the asshattery behind it.

Tracy, never hesitating to make the conversation more interesting, reveals what she always makes her husband pack in his carry-on. We bet you’ll never guess.

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