Confidently Strong and Comfortably Soft

The Dames tackle the idea that #Metoo is a "movement toward victimization" in this episode. There is also talk of a "man size Kleenex" and "The Gentlemen's Sandwich."
Should people be pushing societal boundaries or are traditional roles okay? Tracy and Kelly disagree...unsurprisingly. This week's episode is brought to you by googling "sexism" and clicking the "News" tab. That leads to a hilarious conversation about "man size Kleenex" and "The Gentleman's Sandwich".

In politics (and Crazy Shit People Say), Kelly takes issue with North Dakota's GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer's characterization of #MeToo is a “movement toward victimization,” and Tracy does not disagree...mostly. On a positive note, Natalie Portman's comments about toppling the patriarchy get the Dames all fired up.

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