Men are Scared? Welcome to Our World.

Sexual assault on women is the driving force behind this episode. The Dames discuss protecting men from accusations, who is more likely to assault a woman and how men being afraid to touch women is a good thing.
Tracy on the road and, sadly, doesn't get to drink wine with Kelly and Richard. Apparently, coconut milk coffee isn't the same.

The national conversation about Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation has changed from why it's important to believe women who experience sexual assault to why it's important to protect men from false accusers. Seriously, what the fuck?

Tracy points out that just 28% of rape and sexual assault are committed by strangers, so maybe women should stop being so afraid of walking to their cars at night and start being willing to spray mace in the faces of the men they know.

If men are afraid to say sexual things to women, to touch women, or to behave in any way that may result in them being accused of bad behavior...that's a GOOD THING!

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