Joking About #MeToo Is Not Okay

The Dames tackle those poking fun at the #MeToo movement in this episode. As well as discussing breastfeeding vs. formula feeding.
Why do people think it's okay to make jokes about the #MeToo movement? In this highly charged episode, Tracy and Kelly call out the Miss Massachusetts pageant for mocking the #MeToo movement on stage and grant contestant Maude Gorman "Dame" status for giving up her Miss Plymouth County title in protest.

It wasn't just pageants that made fun of the movement, however. President Trump, while again teasing Senator Elizabeth Warren about her Native American ancestry, mocked "the Me Too generation" as requiring us to be gentle. You might be surprised to hear that The Dames have some disagreement about what the President meant by it.

Senator Claire McCaskill comes under fire from her GOP Challenger Josh Hawley because her husband is wealthy. She responds, "Bullshit!"

All that plus breastfeeding versus formula and much more in this week's episode!

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