Farts Are Funny

The Dames are joined by Kaiya Waddell of Facebook as they discuss women in politics and tech. The Dames also have a humorous conversation about the FART act.
East Coast meets West Coast as Tracy and Kelly welcome Kaiya Waddell of Facebook to the show to discuss the similarities for women in politics and women in tech. Kaiya also joins the Dames for this week's Stupid Shit People Say for a little World Cup misogyny.

Then things take a turn to middle school humor as the Dames discuss the Fair And Reciprocal Trade Act, a leaked draft of new proposed legislation blowing out of The White House, and ponder just how much the President's staff must hate him to put his name on a FART Act. Are they completely unaware of Washington' penchant for acronyms? And can Tracy stop giggling?

All that and more squeaks out of this latest episode. Just stand upwind.

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