Happy Happy Joy Joy

The Dames have special guest Frieda joining them to talk about happiness. She shares about Courage To Run and what the walk represents.
With all the stress in the world today, the Dames take some time to talk about happiness. Frieda Edgette continues her conversation with Tracy and Kelly about the things we all can do to stay balanced and positive, even if you work in politics.

Frieda is the driving force behind Courage To Run, the nation’s first nonpartisan run and walk that celebrates the rising wave of women getting civically active and running for office. Frieda talks to the Dames about how the run can elevate the mindset, endurance and heartfelt vision needed to be healthy and lead effectively in civic life today. We encourage everyone to participate!

To close out our Happiness episode, Kelly goes through HuffPo's "8 Habits of Incredibly Happy Women" to see if Tracy agrees with them. Tracy is pretty sure the author doesn't have kids or run a company because she thinks at least half are bullshit.

Don't worry, be happy, and enjoy the latest episode!

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