Indiana Solo and the Temple of Boobs

Get ready to laugh as the Dames dissect the mechanisms of the sex trade and somehow Trump's "Space Force" leads to a mix up of Harrison Ford movies.
After a few heartfelt and sobering words regarding the immigration crisis at the border, Tracy and Kelly launch into one of their funniest episodes ever.
 We're talking PIMPS! Dennis Hof, a strip club and brothel owner in Nevada, looks set to win election to the state legislature, launching the Dames into a hilarious dissection of the...let's just say the mechanics of the sex trade.
 President Trump announces a "Space Force" and Kelly gets her Harrison Ford movie themes all confused. Please don't sue us, Disney, we really love your CODE: Rosie project!
 In pure happiness mode, Chris Pratt dishes out sound advice to the next generation: Breath, poop, pray. Tracy closes the show with some strong words for Bare Lifts: "Duct tape, bitches!"

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