Milk, Eggs, and Porn

The Dames talk about Roseanne Barr getting canceled and then in the Crazy Shit People Say a lunatic claims that pornography is the "root cause" of school shootings.
We're drinking champagne to celebrate Eric Greitens' resignation! Another asshat goes down, blaming the victim for all the pain and suffering he's experienced. Good riddance, douchebag!
 Roseanne Barr gets canceled because she's just an awful, awful person. Seriously, she's a crazy person who has zero tolerance for anyone who isn't just like her - and clearly has no problem saying so, but racism is NOT a side effect of Ambien.
 Crazy Shit People Say: Republican Congresswoman Diane Black, who is running for Governor of Tennessee, says the "root cause" of school shootings is the pornography available to the grocery store. This lunatic gives a whole new meaning to "Clean up on aisle 5!"
 All that and a little creepy Morgan Freeman in this week's episode!

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