Georgia Is So Swingy

The highlights of this episode include a Trump campaign spokesperson fighting for custody of his love child, "paid patriotism" and a woman claiming her privacy was being invaded by a transgender woman using the toilet.
The pink wave keeps rolling as Stacey Abrams (GA), Amy McGrath (KY), Gina Ortiz Jones (TX), and Lupe Valdez (TX) all win their Democratic Primary races (in Red States)!
 Asshat of the week is Jason Miller, a Trump campaign spokesperson who admitted to having an extramarital affair with one of his Trump campaign staffers, AJ Delgado, who subsequently gave birth to Miller's love child. Delgado was abruptly fired from her job at a pro-Trump PAC last month and has started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover legal and other bills while she engages in a custody battle with Miller, who has decided his child should not be raised by "a single mother". What a motherf*cker!
 The Department of Defense spent $6.8 million on "Paid Patriotism" at sporting events, including giant flags on the field and tributes to the military. Tracy and Kelly have a thing or two to say about using taxpayer dollars for that, and you might be surprised by their reactions.
 Crazy Shit People Say: Jazmina Saavedra, a Republican candidate for Congress from California, live-streamed a video of herself confronting a transgender woman inside a bathroom in Denny's. She complained that her "privacy" was being invaded by the transgender woman using a toilet stall, announced that she had pepper spray, and even involved a restaurant manager. Apparently, the irony of live-streaming video from inside a bathroom because you think someone else using the toilet is invading your privacy was completely lost on her.
 All that and more in this jam-packed episode!

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