Grow a Pair of Ovaries, Dammit!

The Dames pose the question if women have an advantage in political campaigns in 2018. They also wonder if breastfeeding in campaign ads is becoming a real thing.
Do women have an advantage in political campaigns in 2018? Damn right they do, and Tracy and Kelly are thrilled!
 Shout out to Democrat Mary Wilson of Texas, who beat three men in the recent congressional primary race with a measly $40,000 campaign budget. breastfeeding in campaign ads really a new thing?
 Tracy points out that the authors of a 2012 study that indicated conservatives beliefs are linked to psychoticism now say they got it wrong...and liberal beliefs are the psychotic ones. Also, eggs are bad good bad good for you.
 We want her to be a guest on our show! If you can help make that happen, let us know!

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