“It was a dark and Stormy Daniels…”

Get ready for an over-the-top episode. The Dames discuss Stormy Daniels staying in the news and keeping Trump silent. The Dames also disagree when discussing how pay inequity should be addressed.
Liz Chadderdon is back to join Tracy & Kelly this week for another over-the-top episode!
 First, Stormy Daniels! The Dames discuss how a porn star has managed to stay in the news while keeping President Trump silent about the whole affair (pun intended).
 Asshatery shows up in sports and leisure this week. Tennis star Martina Navratilova learns the BBC is paying her one-tenth what bad boy John McEnroe makes for tennis commentary, even though she has nearly three times the number of grand slam victories, leading Tracy and Kelly to disagree (shocking!) about how pay inequity should be addressed. And D.C. superstar chef Mike Isabella is being sued for alleged horrible sexual harassment of female employees. Seriously, this is some awful stuff.
 In this week's Crazy Shit People Say, a Republican Alabama lawmaker disagrees with President Trump on the issue of arming teachers...because he thinks ladies can't handle guns. FFS.
 All that and butt-sex, too, in this week's rockin' episode of Dame It All To Hell!

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