Condom Jam and the One Night Virgin

The smart, talented and funny Liz Chadderdon joins the Dames this week ad the Dames discuss the Illinois Democratic Primary and conservative openmindedness.
This is one episode you don't want to miss! The smart, talented and funny Liz Chadderdon joins Tracy & Kelly this week and she kicks everything up a few notches. Then a few more.
 First, a pro-life Democratic Congressman defeats his pro-choice challenger—a woman—in the Illinois Democratic Primary. What does it say about the Year of the Woman, if anything?
 Kelly puts some new research on the table: It seems liberals are more likely than conservatives to unfriend people on social media. Then she and Liz call serious bullshit on Tracy's explanation (hint: it has to do with conservatives' open-mindedness). Always one to throw a wrench in anyone's attempts to stereotype her, Tracy comes back hard with an unexpected position on California's decision to stop making intentional transmission of HIV a felony.
 In an epic Crazy Shit People Say, a D.C. councilman breaks a few driving laws to express his own particular brand of antisemitic conspiracy lunacy. Not to be missed!

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