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Confidently Strong and Comfortably Soft

The Dames tackle the idea that #Metoo is a "movement toward victimization" in this episode. There is also talk of a "man size Kleenex" and "The Gentlemen's Sandwich."

Science Says We Have To Be Friends

This episode is all about friends and the benefits science says women gain from it.

Men are Scared? Welcome to Our World.

Sexual assault on women is the driving force behind this episode. The Dames discuss protecting men from accusations, who is more likely to assault a woman and how men...

Who stays quiet 35 years? F*cking everyone!

In this wild episode, the Dames consider rape culture and wonder if men realize how many of their female friends have been assaulted.

Supreme Justice and Yeti Pubes

It's all about Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford but we throw in a little Stormy Daniels tell-all just for fun.

Sports & Entertainment at 7am

The Dames discuss Serena Williams loss at the U.S. Women's Open Final and former CBS CEO Leslie Moonves's severance package.

Tracy is a Gemini and Kelly Loves a Bagel

This episode explores gendered language, tweets for the ladies, and Louis CK's "comeback". All that and two very different Sauvignon Blancs in this week's cerebral, si...

Courage To Run Redux

This episode has guest, Frieda Edgette talking about the Pink Wave and women running for office. Frieda's initiative, the Courage To Run race in D.C. and across the co...

You Suck, Indiana

The Dames welcome the amazing Domonique James, founder of Politics With Purpose and board member of College to Congress and talk about how sexism impacts women's lives...

Dirty, Dirty Pinot Noir

The Dames discuss Omarosa in the Situation Room, Millennials thinking feminism has already won and they share what every French woman is tired of.

WTF is "Benevolent Sexism"?

What is benevolent sexism? The Dames will enlighten you as this episode is all about it.

Women Win with Michael Steele

The Dames have the Man of Steele himself, former Republican National Committee Chair and Lt. Governor of Maryland, Michael Steele as a guest on this episode. They hav...

"Nanny Diaries" Co-author Nicola Kraus!

Tracy and Kelly are joined by New York Times best-selling author Nicola Kraus, who talks about some of the surprising things she learned while researching "The First A...

Joking About #MeToo Is Not Okay

The Dames tackle those poking fun at the #MeToo movement in this episode. As well as discussing breastfeeding vs. formula feeding.

Farts Are Funny

The Dames are joined by Kaiya Waddell of Facebook as they discuss women in politics and tech. The Dames also have a humorous conversation about the FART act.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

The Dames have special guest Frieda joining them to talk about happiness. She shares about Courage To Run and what the walk represents.

Indiana Solo and the Temple of Boobs

Get ready to laugh as the Dames dissect the mechanisms of the sex trade and somehow Trump's "Space Force" leads to a mix up of Harrison Ford movies.

Courage To Run

Tracy and Kelly welcome a very special guest, Frieda Edgette, to talk about her new initiative Courage To Run, the nation's first nonpartisan run and walk that celebra...

Pageant Material

In this episode, there is a short history of Presidential asshattery then Kerry Pieri joins the Dames for a fun, insightful conversation about how women generally are ...

Milk, Eggs, and Porn

The Dames talk about Roseanne Barr getting canceled and then in the Crazy Shit People Say a lunatic claims that pornography is the "root cause" of school shootings.

Georgia Is So Swingy

The highlights of this episode include a Trump campaign spokesperson fighting for custody of his love child, "paid patriotism" and a woman claiming her privacy was bei...

Swamp Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

Epic troll god and sloth master Shoshana Weissmann joins the Dames for this wild romp through Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and the D.C. dating scene!


The Dames tackle the New York Attorney General that fights for women by day and beats them by night. They also have an honest debate about the expectations that women ...

A Very Expensive Swear Jar

This week the Dames are joined by Jen Harrington, who runs the Republican email fundraising company Conservative Connector. The Dames question if those women who give ...

Brooke Cartus is a Fit Yellow Squash

Special guest Brooke Cartus keeps the Dames laughing about water parks, Stormy Daniels, and vegetables in this hilarious special episode.

Suck It Through The Sobs

Barbara Bush passed away and the Dames pay tribute to her. With Stormy Daniels starting a tour and Kentucky's Governor makes a claim of children in his state being s...

You Say Infidelity, I Say Injecting the Lord with a Magic Saving Wand

For this episode, the Dames call out a self-help guru and discuss the extortion case of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

Grow a Pair of Ovaries, Dammit!

The Dames pose the question if women have an advantage in political campaigns in 2018. They also wonder if breastfeeding in campaign ads is becoming a real thing.

“It was a dark and Stormy Daniels…”

Get ready for an over-the-top episode. The Dames discuss Stormy Daniels staying in the news and keeping Trump silent. The Dames also disagree when discussing how pay ...

Condom Jam and the One Night Virgin

The smart, talented and funny Liz Chadderdon joins the Dames this week ad the Dames discuss the Illinois Democratic Primary and conservative openmindedness.

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