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Punches, Productivity and Millennial Thinking

In this episode, The Dames talk about throwing drunk punches and women not letting men hold them back. They also talk about how feminism may be influencing Millenials and they question if men are more productive in cooler working temperatures.

Robots, Sex Swings, and Uncomfortable Men

Is Siri sexist? In this episode, the Dames do a test to see if she is. They also discuss awards given at a squash competition in Spain to its women competitors. As well as, why men managers are starting to feel uncomfortable when dealing with their female employees.

Sex Strikes and New Guidelines

The call for a sex strike by Alyssa Milano has the Dames pondering the double standard between men and women when it comes to preventing pregnancy. The Button! sparks a conversation about women encountering adversity.

Apologies and Agreements

In this episode, the Dames explore the evolution of feminism. They also touch on Steven Moore's opinion that women do not belong in sports and the gender sacrifices and expectations that are taking place in millennial marriages today.

I Could Keep Up With You

It may not be 2020 yet, but the Dames are already questioning who can beat Donald Trump in the Presidential Election. The Dames get fired up when discussing the future of young girls' futures.

It’s The Sexism, Stupid

This episode has the Dames discussing if Joe Biden's touching of women is inappropriate and the problem with media coverage of women presidential candidates. The Dames share a "Woman's Prayer" that focuses on the Democratic men running for office.

Good Morning Washington Crashes Dame It All!

Autria Godfrey and Eileen Whelan from Good Morning Washington join the Dames for this episode. They discuss various aspects of women working in journalism and sexism being mixed with ageism.

Drugs and a Double Standard

The Dames discuss the double standards that surround Cardi B's admission to drugging and robbing men. Benevolent sexism has one of the Dames worked up and the Dames take a look at increased sexism within the marijuana industry.

Spacesuits & Sports Bras

NASA's lack of smaller suites for women has The Dames speechless in this episode. The Dames get heated about sports bras and sexism on the field; as well as a claim that women don't want their "no" response respected.

The Elizabeth Holmes Effect

In this episode, the Dames tackle lean-in feminism. The Button! poses a question on if sexism in medicine is turning women to natural cures. The Dames get heated discussing sexism and dress code.

Beto O’Money & Conway Tweeting

Beto breaks the bank leading the Dames to discuss women having to prove themselves qualified to be president. An openly gay female superintendent has been at the center of some fireworks at the Grand Canyon and The Dames discuss #MeToo on Wall Street.

Pay Gaps and Grey Areas

In this episode, the pay gap with female soccer players is front and center. The Dames pose the question "what would a world without sexism look like?" The Dames also explore the grey area that exists between a dick move and sexual harassment.

Life As A Modern Mom

Author's Bethany Johnson and Margaret M. Quinlan join The Dames to talk about their book "You're Doing it Wrong!: Mothering, Media and Medical Expertise." The Dames also mull over the idea of needing men's help to end toxic masculinity. The Dames praise women for supporting women.

The Saga of Bitchy Bosses

Anthony Weiner has been released from prison and the Dames are all over it. After the Oscars, the Dames note the number of woman winners. The Button! this week is all about bitchy bosses and the judgment that takes place with leadership based on gender.

Punch Him In The Penis

In this episode, the Dames explore the idea that having women in power equals fewer deaths in the population. The Dames ponder if a woman's temperament should overshadow her professional achievements. One of the Dames shares a personal story and argues girls should be allowed to stand up for themselves without facing repercussions.

A Delicate (But Strong) Ball of Pink Yarn

The Dames discuss all of the women at the Grammy's this year. Yet another man in politics has been accused of sexual misconduct and the Dames share their view on the situation. The Dames also debate over Pixar's new short film Pearl.

Criminal Justice Fail

The Dames examine a victim fighting back against the criminal justice system that failed her. The Button! focuses on an interesting topic of perceived pain between girls and boys and the Dames take note of political history being made in the state of Nevada.

Can't Read My *Resting Bitch Face*

This episode begins with the Dames up in arms about resting bitch face and "grin lifts" that are being done. The Dames discuss diversity issues in law firms and the Dames do not agree with a sexist rule that was made at one New York City restaurant.

Down With The Pink Tax!

The Dames argue that the presidential race could become a human choice versus a gender choice. The Button! is one crazy puzzle for the Dames this week. A Gillette ad has one Dame telling everyone to just take a breath.

My Snow Is Bigger Than Your Snow

The Dames have taken note of Iceland's effort to end the gender gap by 2022. A robotic vibrator leads the Dames to question if women's sexual independence frightens men. The Dames also discuss the first that is happening for female Marines.

Women Can't F#@%ing Say That!

We join the Dames today on your favorite podcast covering sexism as they enjoy wine in a can. Hold on to your britches because Kelly and Tracy get feisty with each other in this episode, and agree there are just some things they will disagree about until they’re dead.

Male Ego In The Way

Happy New Year! This episode is full of discussions about "difficult" women in power, the first female Presidential candidate, a peaceful protest and a discussion on the male anatomy.

Baby, It's Cold (and Stormy) Outside

Trump is bulletproof, Harvey Weinstein has the Dames disagreeing and a popular Christmas song has one Dame seeing black and white and the other seeing grey. Hold on to your hats, this is episode gets heated.

We Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Things get uncomfortable in this episode as the Dames are at odds over an article about female political consultants, however, the Dames are able to calm things down when they discuss men stepping up for women.

Tracy has a Breakthrough and Kelly's Head Explodes

Dresses that record groping, men suffering from sexism and Wonderbra make for an interesting episode with the Dames.

66% Best Friends

In this episode, the Dames talk Bipartisian friendship and then there is some asshattery taking place in the Button!

Women Are Equal But Not Equal

The Dames give props to women doing anything men can do. The Button! in this episode is about an accomplished woman being portrayed as a Frankenstein monster love child leads the Dames to a larger discussion on credit of women's success being given to men they have known.

Babywearing for the Win!

The Dames take a look at the recently released book by Michelle Obama. The Dames give credit to a working mom who wore her baby to work and then go on to take a look at the stigma surrounding women having babies in the professional world.

2018 Midterm Election Wrap-up

A historic number of women have been elected to office and the Dames celebrate it. The Dames then go on to discuss sexism in the workplace and what women could be doing to change it.

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

The Dames are surprised by what Dems And Repubs fantasize about sex. One of the Dames bought her daughter a Chicago Cubs shirt that offender others and women running for office have been told they don't have the right "body parts" to be elected. What an episode this is.

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